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Engineering Resume Writing Tips

August 17th, 2009

One of the most significant factors and key elements in getting a job is to create a resume which speaks for you and when it comes to engineering resume it could be a complicated document to make. It is the primary marketing document of an engineer who is seeking a job that is going to sell his real assets – experience and the skills of the engineer. The resume should have an ability to grab the attention of the reader for about 30-35 seconds the time span could be extended for about a minute. A successful resume should leave such a lasting impact so that it would force the employer to make a contact with the job seeker.  In other words the success of the job hunting revolves around making an effective resume.

What You Should write In an Accountant Resume

August 17th, 2009

There are different kinds of an accountant resume. If this is your first time to write, it is important to know which particular kind you are applying for. Also there are some tips you should keep in mind in resume writing  in an accountant position.

Include Strategy in your Accounting Resume

August 17th, 2009

The economic downturn is playing its havoc that millions of jobless individuals are desperate to attain jobs. One such stream functionality wherein the number of unemployed individuals is on a rise is that of Accountancy. The reason is that accounting though is core functionality, it being an administrative function in nature, the employer is forced to lay off excess staff and the result is that more and more jobless individuals are on the run on a daily basis. Naturally, these unemployed individuals along with fresh accountants are increasing the number of applicants to a job that the employers are finding it difficult to recruit one rightful candidate amidst so many job applications. The problem is that every candidate sounds to be very convincing in the resume but how many of them will the potential employer have the time to interview? Naturally he would start filtering resumes and pick up some striking applications only. Strategy and not the subject knowledge is the standard basis on which every employer would filter any candidate. Hence the golden rule is to Include Strategy in your Accounting Resume.

Some Reminders In Making an Effective Academic Cover Letter

August 15th, 2009
Although an academic cover letter is basically a kind of cover letter, it isn’t written as simply as a regular job cover letter. Like any application cover letter, it is your way of guiding the employer’s attention to the most significant portion of your CV. But there are still some tips needed in writing a good one:  
  • Address the letter to the specific person. Find the head of the department that is in charge to hire the position you are applying for.
  • Before writing your letter, look at cover letter samples that can give you on idea to start on.
  • When you are ready to write, remember that you opening sets the tone of your letter.
  • Start by the basics like introducing yourself, your academic credentials, and the reason you chose that particular university.
  • The body of your academic cover letter

Essentials of an Accounting Cover Letter:

August 14th, 2009

Even at times of severe economic down turns like the one we are experiencing now, some core functions have never lost their vigor that persons trained in those areas were always assured of a decent living throughout their life irrespective of their life challenges. One such core function without which no business can run is the function of accountancy. That is the reason why there is a huge demand for this expertise. In such a scenario, there is every need that the Essentials of an Accounting Cover Letter need to be followed for your application to find its ways for an interview call.

Writing an effective Business Analyst Resume

August 13th, 2009

Writing an effective Business Analyst Resume is one of the most significant factors which should be implemented wisely while applying for a new job. Business analyst is a very powerful position in an organization or firm. These guys are responsible for finding the obstacles coming all the way in the success of the business goals of an organization and their solutions.  They use their business analytical skills to promote the sales, customer relations, , needs of the customers, and perform each and every pre-requisite to attain maximum benefits to the company. The job is meant for the highly skilled people who enjoy taking challenges and having problem solving skills.

Accountant Resume for a worthy job in the field of Accountancy

August 13th, 2009

Accountant Resume for a worthy job in the field of Accountancy can be prepared for two types of jobs:

  • Functional Resume
  • Academic Resume

For a functional resume wherein the practical experience of the candidate and his logical reasoning needs to be highlighted to emphasize the ability of the candidate to handle the difficult situations. This emphasis should be presented in different degrees of competence depending to the post and eligibility criteria for which the resume is prepared. Let us consider the following examples:

How to Write Striking Academic Cover Letter.

August 12th, 2009

How to Write Striking Academic cover letter is a billion dollar question you constantly face, when you are applying for a position of faculty in any esteemed organization, you think, will compensate monetarily for the services rendered by you. In other words, you are marketing your services to the organization which, if the management feels worthy, may hire you. How will anybody show interest in recruiting you? The following points enumerate the circumstances where the employer will show interest on any applicant: