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A Suitable CV Format For You

Life always puts in front of you a range of alternatives. It depends on the choice you make that your future gets decided. Wise decisions need to be taken in every work. Then only performance would be easier and sustainable. The same thing applies when you are applying for a non U. S. job. A Suitable CV Format For You has to be designed by selecting the suitable layout from:

 Chronological format: Your up to date information has to be written in a reverse fashion. Every particular is recorded right from your education time. Some people even give details of the number of years they have spent in a particular functionality.


It suggests standardization and is very formal.

Depending on the number of years a person has functioned for a particular company, his commitment is measured.

It is best suited for higher level jobs where responsibility is over emphasized.


There is hardly any room for creativity in this format.

It is very hard to conceal any shortcoming also in this type. The employer can easily analyze about the candidate’s productivity and attitude when every particular is recorded.

 Functional Format: The achievements which a candidate could accomplish during his tenure of a particular function are listed out in an attractive manner. Some even subtly explain the tough conditions in which they have performed just for creating the enthusiasm in their cv.


It explains the degree of perfection which a candidate craves while he is at the job.

It emphasizes the subject knowledge the candidate possesses in that particular field.


The focus is drawn into a very narrow range. As such, a comprehensive outlook of the job is overlooked.

Adaptability of the candidate cannot be explained. The advertised job may require some more skills than what is earlier performed. In those circumstances, the employer may or may not entertain the candidate.

 Targeted format: The skills which the candidate possesses and are relevant to the job performance are highlighted in this type. Sometimes, even those jobs which were irrelevant from financial point of view are explained. The idea is to explain the commitment which the candidate has in that particular field.


 The employer can be sure of committed performance for a long time.

The worker is considered to be knowledgeable in the work to be done.


In a hurry to create a cv, some extra ordinary points which could be achieved only by very few may be highlighted. This may create problems during the job performance to those perfection levels.

The overall idea of the candidate’s attitude and personality are not very much stressed. These carry equal weight age while considering selections for the final interview.

 Alternative format:

This is a non-formal kind of write up wherein information is provided in a creative manner. It is useful for applying for promotional jobs like marketing, advertising etc.


The write-up seems to be full of life and attractive.

Technical weaknesses can be concealed.


It is not suitable for positions of responsibility.

The employers are doubtful about these kinds because every detail is not recorded properly.

Whatever may be the format, it is in the hands of the writer to make the disadvantages also into advantages with his sensibility.  As every one cannot create that magic in writing, our site is trying to help you by providing those quality writers at the click of your mouse. Just you need to order in our site and our writer will prepare A Suitable CV Format For You.

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